Ford Flex seat swap project complete

Preamble: I have had my 2010 Ford Flex for a few months now.  As a “this-is-a-cool-car-not-minivan” family hauler, it does a great job.  I bought it used and made some compromises.  I didn’t get the two tone paint job, Vista roof, and captain’s chairs in the second row, but I did get a great price on AWD with the Limited trim package and Navigation.

It took me a little while to find the right opportunity, but I eventually found somebody who had the right trim level and seat color that wanted to swap seats: bench for bucket.  As it turns out, this was basically dead simple.  See disclaimers below for things you might find less than ideal if you, dear reader, attempt something similar.  

The setup:

  1. flex 60/40 seat configurationThis is the 60/40 bench seat configuration I started out with.  The bucket portion that will stay put is the part of the seat in the foreground.  It has powerfold, while the bench side simply has a 2 stage lever.  *I’m trading with a guy whose left side bucket seat has both powerfold and the heated seat option.  In our case, both parties were okay with the mismatch, but something for others to consider.
  2. ford flex seat swapThis is the bench seat folded forward.  The entire bench seat is anchored to the body with two brackets bolted to the floor.  The bracket location and the catch bars for rear seat latches are identical to the captain’s chair layouts.  The end of the middle section does not bolt or latch onto anything, the feet of the seat lay flat on the floor.
  3. This is a closeup of the inner bracket.  One the left is a 15mm bolt and on the right is a 15 mm nut on a stud coming up from the floor.  A deep well socket is your best bet here- it will give clearance over the bracket and be deep enough to not get tripped up on the stud.
  4. Here’s the bench seat unbolted and ready to go.  Note the “X” carpet cutout- this is where the connection for the heated seat/powerfold wiring would be.  Also note the tab in the nearside bracket.  That is where the hydraulic cylinder for the power fold would go (if equipped).  In the upper right corner, a plastic cover can be seen.  This covers the bracket that is used to anchor the center console.
  5. ford flex bench seat swap This is the swapped in captain’s chair.  Swap in was literally an exact fit.  Tighten up a total of 2 bolts and 2 nuts and it is road ready.  My plan all along has been to have the 2nd row captain’s chairs and skip the console in favor of a passthrough to make it easier for all my kids to get mounted up.  With this plan in mind, it turns out to be quite convenient that the carpet is in place.  *In the donor car, the carpet had been cutout around the console- it is barely noticeable with the seat in place.  A third row floor mat or something similar could probably cover this up and look very unobstrusive.
  6. This is the end result- captain’s chairs, no console.



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188 Responses to Ford Flex seat swap project complete

  1. Darren says:

    I am looking to buy or swap a 60 split bench seat with a captain. I have a flex limited, black and perforated seats. Do you know anyone eles wanting to trade or sell?
    How did you find the person you switched with?

    • bturnip says:

      It took me quite a while to find the right person who wanted to swap and that had the right color and trim level I wanted. I posted a want ad at and eventually found a trade partner. I also searched for a salvage yard that had the right seats. The want ad came through first. I found a guy that was only a few hours away and made the swap.

    • Kim says:

      are you still looking to swap? we are looking to buy a flex with same black perforated leather with buckets and fridge console in centre row?


      • Ken Walkinshaw says:

        I have a 2014 flex with black perforated seats with the refrigerator console. I’m looking to swap it out for a three person seat. Both sides of mine are power folding.

        • Mario Alvarez says:

          i am interested in trading my bench seat for your buckets. I also have a 2014 with black leather. Pls let me know if you are interested.

          • Abigail Shrier says:

            Hi, Mario,
            I have a 2010 with black leather bucket seats and fridge, looking to trade for bench seats (I need the extra seat for carpool). Are you still interested in a trade?
            Thank you,

          • Mario says:

            Hi Abigail,
            I am very interesting in trading but i was not very clear in my post on the color of my seats, i have the 2 tone black/grey leather seats. Sorry I wasn’t clear before.

          • Scott Davis says:

            I am looking to trade my two 40/40 black leather seats for a bench. 2014 Flex. I live in pittsburgh pa. Call me at 412-370-0332.

        • Haylee says:

          Hey ken, I have a 2014 with black cloth bench seat, looking for captain seats. Are you still willing to trade?

    • Chad says:

      I have a 2009 ford flex limited with black leather with center conceal in perfect condition.
      And i looking to swap for the 60/40 black leather bench with white sitching.
      Im in Washington DC area.

      • Brian says:

        I have leather bench to trade but I’m located in Texas

        • Kris-10 says:

          I am looking to trade two captains chairs for a bench. 2012 Flex with tan leather. I am in Dallas, Tx, let me know what you have.

          • bernardo says:

            I have a 2013 leather (2 tone) bench that I’d be looking to trade for 2 bench seats. Im in Dallas too. are the 2013 and 2012 the same seats?

          • Greg Smith says:

            Did you ever find someone to trade with? I have the tan leather 60/40. Thanks

          • emmanuel says:

            hey Kris-10. I have a 2013 Ford Flex Limited bench with tan leather. I am wanting to put two captain chairs in my 2nd row. I’m in Houston. Have you found some one to trade with?

          • Whitney Hokett says:

            Kris – did you ever find a trade? I have a 2013 tan leather bench. I’m wanting two captains. I’m in Oklahoma City and willing to drive to Dallas. if you want to contact me.

          • Kristina Bonas says:

            I have 2 tan leather captain chairs needing to trade for a leather 60/40 bench. I have a 2011 flex sel. Live in hot springs, arkansas. Email is if anyone is interested.

      • Mario Alvarez says:

        Hi chad, i am in maryland and can come down if you still want to trade. Pls contact me at f you are interested

    • Kris Fleischli says:

      I have a 2013 Flex with second row bucket seats and console in black leather.I want to trade for a bench seat.

      • Ed Ryan says:

        Hi Kris – where are you located? I have a 2009 Flex Limited with a bench and looking for a bucket. My trim is black leather and I’m in NJ.

  2. Kim says:

    sorry. I should have mentioned we need the split bench in the middle row- which your post says you had/have. Are dealers willing to do the changeup? the one we spoke to said no because of safety issues??

  3. bturnip says:

    I think the dealer was making excuses or grossly misinformed as to any safety issues. Having personally made this swap, I can say with 100% certainty that there is literally no difference in how the seats are mounted to floor.

    I can not speak for the person in the comments who previously mentioned wanting to swap. I will send him a message to the address he left in the comments. If I understand you correctly, you have a captains chair and want a bench seat. That is the easier thing to trade.

    • Jake says:

      I have black limited 60/40 seat that I need to swap for a 40/40 bucket if you’re still interested.

      • Jeyson says:

        Hi Jake! I don’t know if it is to late, but I would be interested if you are still looking to trade. We have a 2009 Limited, with black seats. We have the 40/40 buckets (perforated leather) and a console. They are in great shape, very clean. We would prefer 60/40, so that we could haul grandparents around with us when they come to visit, or a couple neighbor kids etc… We are near Austin, TX. Where are you located?

      • Jeyson says:

        Hi Jake! I don’t know if it is to late, but I would be interested if you are still looking to trade. We have a 2009 Limited, with black seats. We have the 40/40 buckets (perforated leather) and a console. They are in great shape, very clean. We would prefer 60/40, so that we could haul grandparents around with us when they come to visit, or a couple neighbor kids etc… We are near Austin, TX. Where are you located? You can contact me at

      • Richard Appleby says:

        I have a 2009 Limited in Charcoal with the buckets and refrigerator with only 34000 miles and always stored inside. The leather has been treated regularly with Mothers conditioner so the perforated leather is as new. I would like to sway the fridge/consul and captain chair for a bench if your set is in perfect condition. I live in Saskatchewan in the summer and spend our winters in Arizona in the eastern reaches of the city of Phoenix, called East Mesa. Where are you

  4. Alex (2011 Flex Limited) says:

    Hi Folks,
    I’m interrested in doing the opposite from above. I have a 2nd row consol, heated bucket seats (the upgrade), and beige (like above). I bought it used so I comprimised on this. I’m looking to install the bench seat that will allow for up to 7 seats instead of 6. If anyone has these seats and wants to trade or sell, let me know. Thanks!

  5. Rick says:

    Looking for 60/40 beige seat have 2 seats in second row will trade.

  6. Rick Gilbert says:

    looking for 60/40 seats for ford Flex

  7. Justin says:

    I have a 2011 flex with 60/40 second row and I would like to switch with someone for the captains seats. It is a limited with perforated leather tan/stone. I am located in San Diego Ca.

    • Mollie says:

      I have a 09 limited with perforated leather tan buckets I’d like to switch for bench row. Have you found one?

  8. Jeffery says:

    I have a 2010 Ford Flex Limited w/ Ecoboost..

    I have the split captain chairs with fridgerator in black leather..

    I’m in North Hollywood…I wanna swap out for a black leather bench seat that seats 3..

    I’d want $1500 cash in addition if your great condition!



  9. Eric says:

    I have a 2009 Flex Limited with the 60/40 bench in the same trim and color as the pictures above that I would like to swap out for the captians chairs if any one is interested. I’m located in the LA area

  10. Tracy N. says:

    I have black leather bucket seats with center console, looking to trade for 60/40 bench. Located in Central Texas. (2011 SEL)

    • Alex D. says:

      Anyone Have The Bucket Seats And Console That Would Like To Trade For The 60/40 Split? Black Leather Out Of A 2010 Limited. Located In Billings, Montana, But Could Travel If Not Too Far.

      • Richard Appleby says:

        Hello there,
        I am in Saskatchewan exactly 500 miles from you in Billings, we have friends in Billings and were just there last August.

        Our contact there is Larry and Marg Bohnen and he has a large ‘race shop’ there called Hot Rod Heaven on what I would term an ‘in city’ acreage in the NE corner of the city just a 1/4 mile off the highway that heads north towards the Canadian border. We need to talk to each other about just how we might be able to make this work.
        I don’t drive the Flex from April thought to the end of October so this makes something like this what I would term as do-able. We only need to swap the one bucket and the 60% seats. From what I have been able to determine there is zero difference between 09 and 10 but the part numbers are different. With Billing having a population of a 100K you probably have much more of an opportunity to verify if there are any major differences between the Charcoal of a 9 and 10.
        leave a voice mail on the land line 306 463 3402 if you would like to pursue this further. I have several ideas we can toss around.

      • Alex DelCamp says:

        I’m still looking to swap for buckets, anyone close? 2010 black leather.

    • Brock PEyrot says:

      Hey Tracy,

      Do you still have the buckets? I have a black leather 60/40 that I would totally trade. We are in your neck of the woods often since my in-laws are in Austin.

      Email me at if you are still interested

  11. Richard Appleby says:

    if anyone has a Charcoal 60/40 bench I would like to hear from you. I have the center consul fridge/freezer and captains chairs in black perforated Limited trim.
    emails to Summers are in Canada and winters in the Phoenix area so can work this from whatever side of the border that works for someone. Thanks

  12. Mike says:

    Great photos and write up. Thank you!

  13. Cedric T says:

    Good day all,
    Great write up on the swap. We have an 09 limited red Flex with 60/40 seats tan/grey if anyone is intersted in swapping for 40/40 Captain chair please email me we are in Central Virginia.

  14. Patrick says:

    Hello, I have a 2011 Flex Limited with Tan/Stone Leather perforated with a 60/40 bench and looking for 60/40 Bench with an arm-rest. Will swap with anyone close. We live in Spring Valley, CA (San Diego County). Email me at

  15. Aaron says:

    I have a 2010 Flex Limited Edition w/Ecoboost. charcoal/black interior. Black leather perforated seats in the 60/40 bench configuration with the power fold (7 passengers). I want to trade for 2 Captains and a fridge console (6 passengers). I am located in San Diego, CA 92109. Not sure if my Flex has the wiring harness in place for the fridge to plugin? Not a deal-killer as I’ll just find a car stereo/electrician to run power to it if needed.

    • Christina says:

      Hello! Are you still interested in changing your seats out? I have 2 Captains Chairs with the center console (no fridge). We live in Tucson but could drive to San Diego.

  16. Tim says:

    I have a 2010 charcoal/black interior 60/40 seat combo. I would like to swap for the 2 captain chairs and console. I’m located in Charlotte, NC 28214. Seats are in great condition.

  17. Daniel says:

    I have an ’09 Limited with tan leather heated bucket seats. I would like to trade (or buy) for any color leather or cloth bench row.

  18. Daniel says:

    Should have mentioned I’m in South Texas

  19. Brittany says:

    Hi everyone!

    I have a 2011 sel medium stone cloth bench seat that I am looking to trade for bucket seats. I am in Southern California but may be willing to travel! Please contact me if you are interested in trading! Thank you!!


  20. Jim says:

    I have a 2012 flex black leather 60/40 bench looking to swap out to captain chairs. My seats are prefect I live on Long Island NY
    Email me or phone 5167792808

  21. Ryan says:

    I love how this has turned into a shop and swap. I have the black perforated leather 60/40 and I’m looking for the 2nd row buckets. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

  22. stefanie says:

    I live in Illinois and have a 2013 limited. We have bench seat, perforated charcoal leather. Would love to have captains. You can email me at

  23. Andy says:

    I have a 2011 Flex and want to trade my 2nd row bench seat for the captains chairs/buckets. Need the perforated charcoal leather.


    Northern CA

  24. tim marker says:

    I have a 2009 flex with middle row captains chairs and the cooler on the middle. Wanting to swap for leather 60/40 split tan preferably located in central michigan.

  25. tim marker says:

    These are heated perforated as well.

  26. Rusty Wilkerson says:

    I want to do the exact opposite swap – I have a 2011 Flex SEL with the tan leather 60/40 seats (manual flip/fold), and would like to swap for the 40/40 buckets (manual or power, I don’t care). From the description above, it looks like that would only require changing the 60 side. I’m near Tampa, FL but would happily pay shipping costs for the right trade.

    • Daniel says:

      I would be happy to swap with you. I have the tan leather heated bucket seats with power fold.

      • Chris Baughman says:

        I am still looking to trade my 60/40 bench for 40/40 captains chairs. I have a 2012 Limited with perforated leather bench. If you didn’t find anyone to swap with yet, I am interested. I live in Northeast Indiana. Thanks!

  27. Sky Erickson says:

    I have a 2010 Limited with black 60/40 seats and would love to trade them for 40/40 seats. Located in the Southern CA, with annual trip to eastern NE and South TX.

  28. Marc says:

    I have a 2012 SEL with black leather 60/40 that i want to trade for 40/40 seats. I am located near Salt Lake City, Ut

  29. David R. says:

    I have a 2011 with tan leather. I want to trade my 60/40 bench for 40/40 seats. I am located in Southern MD but I can go anywhere in MD, VA, DC. Thanks!

    • David R. says:

      Correction, it’s a 2010, though I believe the seats are identical.

      • David R. says:

        Nevermind about the trade. It’s a long story. bturnip, if you can delete my original comment asking for a trade, please do it so I don’t confuse folks looking for a bench seat in my area. Sorry for the trouble.

  30. Angela Piszczek says:

    I have a 2011 with the 60/40 bench seat in black. I really need to swap my bench seats for buckets, we have two children and twins on the way! I live in Northern Georgia but would be willing to drive within reason.

    • Rob H says:

      Hi Angela,

      I don’t have a swap, but I’d be interested in your 60 portion of the bench seat if/when you’re ready to sell. I have a 2009 with black leather interior (no embellishment, just plain black).

      If you find yourself able/willing to part with that portion of the seat, please let me know.



    • DANIELLE says:

      I have a 2013 ford flex and my boyfriend is a certified master tech that can do the swap we are excepting our 5th child and need a bench seat the seats are black and heated seats please respond as soon as you can if you still have veh, we are in the Ga area and can make the swap

    • DANIELLE says:

      our flex is a 2013 black heated bucket seats and we have inflateable seatbelts

  31. Lin says:

    Looking at Purchasing 2013 Flex Limited with bench seat, want to swap to the buckets. Black Leather. We are in Manitoba anyone close buy willing to Swap?

    • Valerie says:

      Hi! We live in Orange County, California. We are seriously considering purchasing a 2009 pearl flex (private party) with cream/tan leather seats. It currently has the bucket seats with a really neat console in the middle. The kind you can add a refrigerator to. We, however, are interested in the 60/40 seat or bench to fit 7 people instead of 6. Interested? Anyone, interested? We will most likely be purchasing the flex this week or next. Please respond if interested.

  32. Lee says:

    Thank you SO much for making this post! We recently purchased a Flex with the expectation that we were going to expand our family from 2 to 3 kids. Well, turns out that 3rd kid turned into the 3rd AND 4th kid. Needless to say, the bench seat wasn’t going to cut it and the 3-4G’s that the Ford dealers were quoting us wasn’t going to work either. So, a few weeks ago I searched and found a salvage yard about 2.5 hrs away that had what I needed. I just picked up the buckets today and will be following your steps here when it comes time to do the swap. Now, I just need to refer to the manual on how to tilt forward the 60 bench seat to release the bolts. Again, thanks so much!

  33. paul says:

    hi looking to trade second row bucket seats 2011 flex for 60/40 bench med sand stone too tone cloth. oakland county mich or need a rear console black

  34. paul says:

    also looking for a rear console 2011 flex blk or 60 portion of rear seat two tone colth

  35. paul says:

    hi looking for 60/40 bench seat for flex charcoal with houndsthooth inserts

  36. Kevin Fisher says:

    I have a 2009 with the power flip bucket captains chairs in the second row. Greyish tan leather. I’m lookin. For the 60/40 swap. Located in east Tennessee. Please contact me at sv1000fisher@yahoo thanks.

  37. Alex says:

    Hi Paul,

    You still have those bucket seats?

  38. tony digiorgio says:

    I have a 60/40 black bench for sale.

  39. tony digiorgio says:

    I have a 60/40 leather black bench for sale $1100

  40. Laura Young says:

    I have a 2009 Flex with 2nd row grey cloth bench60/40 and looking for 2nd Row captain chairs to swap in PA.

  41. Michelle says:

    So glad I stumbled upon this. I am looking for a 60/40 bench seat that would go into a 2012 flex Black leather. Currently we have two captains chairs but need to convert for more children. I am in Alberta Canada. The less to pay for shipping the better! Thank you. Email me at

    • Bart says:

      Hey Michelle – are they still available. I have a black bench from a 2013 if you are interested. I’m near Toronto Ontario. Shipping is an option I can look into?

  42. Rachael Martin says:

    I am looking to swap to tan leather heated peforated captains chair and center console for a 60/40 tan leather bench 2nd row bench seat. My captain’s chairs are equipped with the power assist to flip up for 3rd row access. I am in Arkansas and travel to Illinois frequently.

    • Paul T. says:

      Hi Rachael, my wife has a white 2011 with a beige / stone interior and 2nd row 60/40 bench seats that she’d be willing to swap for a 40/40 console package. I’m in houston but don’t mind traveling a bit. Contact me at if you’re interested. We can swap photos of the seats to make sure the colors match and go from there. Thanks!

    • Kat McCreery says:


      We are planning to purchase a 2014 Ford Flex with leather seats in the dune color this week. I live in central IL and would be very interested in swapping our 60/40 bench for your captains seats assuming they are the same color. Feel free to contact me at Thanks!

    • whitney says:

      Did you already swap for a bench seat?

      • Butch P says:

        I just purchased 2011 very low-miles with 60/40 tan/stone leather bench in 2nd row. Looking to trade for 40-40 bucket (with or without console). The seats are perfect. Car has 50K only. I live in Minneapolis, MN. Reply

  43. Rachael Martin says:


  44. Brock Peyrot says:

    My wife and I have just purchased a 2012 Flex Limited and we are hoping to find the 40\40 captains chairs to swap with our black leather 60\40 bench. We are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area but we are often in Austin and Oklahoma would be a reasonable distance.

    • Michael Glant says:

      Dear Brock
      This may be a longshot, but I have a 2014 Flex Limited with black/dark grey leather interior and want to switch out my leather captains for a bench. We are in Indianapolis IN area, but travel from Indy to north of Las Vegas twice a year by car to our cabin in the mountains. We usually go the southern route through Oklahoma and northern Texas. We need this on the way out when we would be in your area in the first few days in June (1st or 2nd) as we are needing to have 7 seats for a vacation with an RV at the grand canyon (we want to park the RV most of the time). Will be checking local wrechers for a bench as cheap as possible, but a swap would be more cost effective.
      Mick Glant

  45. Paul T says:

    Hi Rachael,

    My wife has a white 2011 ford flex with the stone / tan interior and rear 60/40 bench seats that she would be willing to swap with you. The car has low miles and the seats are in great shape, please email me at and I will be happy to send pictures. I live in Houston which is not far.

    -Paul T

  46. Josh says:

    I am looking to trade my 60/40 tan perforated leather seats out of my 2009 Limited. The car only has 29,000 miles so the seats look brand new. I am loacated in Upstate SC. I am willing to travel to meet within reason. My contact is Contact me and I can send pics.

  47. Bart says:

    Hi there! I have a 2013 Flex SEL with the black leather interior (non perforated). I have the 60/40 bench and am interested in the 40/40 with consol. I’m located in Ontario Canada about 45 min north of Toronto. I’m willing to travel to Mic, Vermont, etc to do a swap. I am in desperate need! If anyone out there has a 40 captain (not picky on power options or consol) I would be very interested in hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your time!

  48. Paul T says:


    If anyone is interested in a swap, my wife has a white 2011 ford flex with the stone / tan interior and rear 60/40 bench seats that she would be willing to swap with you. The car has low miles and the seats are in great shape, please email me at and I will be happy to send pictures. I live in Houston and am willing to travel.


  49. Titus Aye says:

    I have a:
    2013 Ford Flex Limited
    2nd row with 2 Captains and a fridge.
    Black leather with gray inserts.

    I want:
    Black leather gray insert bench.

    I can:
    Meet half way
    Buy yours outright
    Or trade.

    • KatyC says:

      I’m looking for a Flex with black/gray captain chairs and a fridge but am having a tough time finding that as most have benches. Where are you? This could be a win/win situation! I’m at

    • Tony says:

      Hi Titus – I know it is a nearly a year later, but did you ever find a buyer for your captains chairs/fridge? I have the same 2013 Flex Limited (charcoal w/ perforated gray leather) with the bench and am looking to swap. My flex has seatbelt airbags, so I think the captains chairs would need the same.

      Live in the Milwaukee, WI area.

  50. Brock Peyrot says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I have a 2012 Flex with perforated black leather 2nd row bench. I really need second row buckets to make it easier for the 3rd row access.

    If you are interested please email back at

    Thank you!!!

  51. Stacy Smith says:


    We have a 2010 Flex Limited with stone/tan leather interior. We are looking for 40/40 captains chairs to replace our manual 60/40 2nd row bench. We are located in Southwestern PA and willing to travel to meet. Please email me at if you are interested.

    Thank you!

    • Michael says:

      I am getting a 2010 Ford Flex Limited with tan colored 2nd row captains chairs and a console. Is anyone near Atlanta that has a tan bench to swap?


  52. Jason Kaye says:

    I have a 2013 Limited, black perforated leather 60/40 2nd row, looking to swap into captains seats. If anybody within a 3-4 hour drive of Jacksonville florida wants to swap please let me know!

  53. Robert says:

    Fredericksburg, VA here, looking for tan/stone leather 2nd row bucket seats to swap for 2nd row bench from 2011 Ford Flex SEL. Email

  54. Nathan says:

    I have a 2013 Flex w/Dune leather 60/40 bench I’m looking for a captain seat swap. I can travel anywhere in the Pacific Northwest to do a swap. I’m also willing to pay a finders fee if someone knows of one that might be available.

  55. Jill Harms says:

    I have all tan cloth seats (2nd row 60/40 bench) out of a 2009 For sale in Charlottesville. Let me know if you’re interested at

  56. Gail says:

    Have black leather/white stitching captain’s chairs; want to trade for a bench seat. Mine are worn but no rips/tears. Would accept same condition for a swap. Richmond, VA area. Let me know if interested?

  57. Pete says:

    I’m looking to swap tan bucket seats for tan 60/40 bench seat 2110 Flex
    Cleveland area

  58. whitney says:

    Currently have dune tan leather 60/40 bench looking to swap for buckets. 2013 flex

  59. Dennis Dowhy says:

    We have a 2013 Ford Flex SEL with Tan leather 40/40 bucket seats. We now think we need that extra seat so very much considering swapping for the tan leather bench seat. NY/PA/NJ and surrounding areas. if you have matching bench please contact

  60. Andrea says:

    I have 2014, bench seat black leather and would like to swap to bucket if anyone in Colorado wants to switch.

  61. bernardo says:

    Have a 2013 limited w/bench seat(2 tone chair black/gray). Looking for 2 captain chairs. Located in Dallas, TX.

  62. Monica says:

    I have a 2011 Ford Flex Limited Titanium with tan leather 60/40 split bench seat. I’m looking for tan leather captains chairs to swap it out for. Anyone near Oklahoma interested?

  63. Tom Meredith says:

    Looking to purchase a black leather with grey inserts bench seat for a 2015 ford flex limited.

  64. Reuben says:

    I have a 2010 Ford Flex limited with heated black leather bucket seats. Looking to purchase or swap for bench seat with same options. Located in Northern Indiana.

  65. Brock Peyrot says:

    Still looking to swap out my black leather bench for buckets with or without console. Please email at if you are interested.

  66. Adam says:

    Looking to swap 60/40 bench black leather for buckets. In Arizona. Thanks.

  67. Keia Lawson says:

    I have a 2012 flex limited power fold black perforated leather seats no comsole. I’m looking to buy or trade for the 3 person bench seat.


  68. William says:

    I’m looking for a 60 two swap out my captain’s chair. Does anyone have a white leather one for sale

  69. Joshua says:

    I am looking for Tan buckets for the 2011 Flex 2nd row. i am in Nashville.

  70. Nolan says:

    I have a 2013 Flex Limited with 60/40 Dune (tan) perforated leather bench seat. Looking to swap for 40/40 captain chairs in the same color.

  71. sara says:

    We have black perforated leather heated seats with the refrigerator consul and would like to trade for a bench seat or 60/40 split. We are in Oregon. The Flex is a 2011 Limited.


    • Jeff says:

      Sara, are you still looking to trade? I’ve got the 60 bench and need to replace it with a bucket before our new baby arrives. I’ve got a 2009 Limited with black perforated leather, not heated. Please email me

  72. Whit says:

    I have a 2013 flex with 60/40 tan bench. Looking to swap for captains chairs without a console.

  73. LaShonda says:

    Sorry reading so many post. I see tan.

  74. Kristina Bonas says:

    I have a 2011 SEL Ford flex with tan leather bucket seats, looking to trade for 60/40 seats. In arkansas.

    • bturnip says:

      Good luck with your search! I’m in Arkansas and ended up taking a drive to Missouri to get mine…

    • Whitney Hokett says:

      I’m close in Oklahoma City. Are yours the regular leather or perforated?

    • Whitney Hokett says:

      Kristina Bonas – I’m close to you and would be willing to trade. I have the tan leather bench 60/40 seats. Mine are the regular leather, not the perforated. If you will email me at I would be happy to send you some pictures and you can send me some to be sure they match. Then I would be happy to meet you. Not sure where in Arkansas you are but really anywhere in Arkansas would be close enough!

  75. Kristina Bonas says:

    I have a 2011 ford flex sel with 2 tan leather captain chairs, I need to trade for a 60/40 tan leather bench. I live in hot springs, arkansas. Email me if interested

  76. Sarah says:

    I have a 2012 flex SEL with black with the grayish center cloth 40/60 bench. Would like to trade for captain chairs.
    Located in minneapolis
    Let me know if interested

  77. Chris says:

    I have a 2015 Ford flex limited with 60/40 black leather bench. I’m looking for 2 bucket captains chairs.

  78. Carrie Patnode says:

    We have a 2014 Flex SEL with black leather seats with the 60/40 2nd row and would like to trade for the 40/40 bucket seats. We’re in Portland, OR if you’re interested in trading.

  79. Aaron Adamczyk says:

    We have a 2015 Flex SEL with tan 60/40 bench seats, leather. Looking for the captains seats. In Houston, TX. Anything 2013-2015 should be the same seat type, not looking for the 2009-2012 perforated leather.



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