Leviathan Hall: Compost Bin

My fence project turned out looking nice, so I wanted the compost bin I was going to build to look nice as well… Continue reading

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Leviathan Hall: Cedar Fence

Our chickens roam the backyard, so we built a fence to keep them from being front yard chickens…
Continue reading

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Bella and Charlie ready for bedtime stories. 

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Humane Society Sunday 

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ECEP Friday

It was “make and try fried okra” Friday at ECEP!  Charlie was a fan…

Charlie Kate cuts okra

Charlie Kate prepares fried okra

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Estem Friday 

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Jingle Bell Run 2016

It was a rainy 5k,but still fun to run .

Graydon ran well and finished 6th in her age group!  I finished 2nd in my age group, getting edged out of 1st place by 15 minutes and change. 

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Stop. Hammer time.

Man, this place is a ghost town…

Here are some pics of a few chunks of an oak tree we had taken down at Rocky Valley Estates:

Some back yard oak

After a knocking the pieces down to size with a bandsaw and getting a few passes on the planer:

Starting to come together as the pieces are getting fitted:

A large glued up blank:

After some more shaping on the bandsaw to pretty it up and remove some mass:

This thing turned out to be almost comically oversized:

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after feeling the heft and balance, it was overkill to have such a large mallet size.  The bandsaw helped in getting the the mallet head slimmed down.

Mallet head and handle after final shaping and a little boiled linseed oil:


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Coop complete

Final picture of the coop:

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Charlie Kate flash back


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