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Leviathan Hall: Cedar Fence

Our chickens roam the backyard, so we built a fence to keep them from being front yard chickens…

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Hello world!

Unknown Dog is in the process of moving and will be back soon. Posts/images look to be good.  Drop me a line if you notice something missing.  Audio/video links still need some work.

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Birds and bees (just a wasp, actually)

I was getting some pics of the various things blooming in the yard. I like best the flowers that bed down over the winter and come back the next year. We have a Japanese quince in the yard that puts … Continue reading

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upgrades in progress

Upgraded the software to stamp out a possible iframe exploit. I’ve broken the theme quite a bit, but I’ll work on getting it back together. I think I’ve got it cobbled back together- send me a note if something seems … Continue reading

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Way overdue for some housecleaning

Software update is coming, new pics and such to follow.

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The Unknown Dog is back in action!

I’ve had some extended downtime lately, but I’m happy to announce that the blog is back! In other news, I’ve switched my web hosting to Sonic Whale and I am very happy with the switch. My old web host served … Continue reading

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This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

And the Unknown Dog blog ain’t MySpace. But the Unknown Dog blog does envy how MySpace folks can put up those cool little audio players. Hey, we can do mp3 too! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] I’m so … Continue reading

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Spam attack

The comment spam has gotten quite thick lately- if you, gentle reader, find that your comment hasn’t appeared after ~12-24 hours, it is quite likely your comment was spam killed.  My personal email filters are holding up pretty good, but … Continue reading

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more new look

I was pretty pleased with my serene Asiatic Lily theme for a while. The chance those happy days might last was dashed against the rocks the moment Malone observed that my cheerful lily header image might be just a bit … Continue reading

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new look!

When you only have 1 or 2 readers, you do what you must to keep them coming back. I have retired the ninja dogs in winter theme with my fresh new Lily theme. The technical details: Used a Canon Rebel … Continue reading

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