March 19 was Graydon Claire day

Graydon turned 8 this March!  Her birthday party request was a Cupcake Wars themed party.  This version had two teams of 3 girls each, with two technical advisors, one Charlie Kate-sized special assistant, and a 3 judge panel.

The contestants were assembled, issued their special aprons and split into two teams: the Yummy Cups and the Tasty Cakes.  The teams immediately dove in and started strategizing on their cupcake creations with their technical advisors.

{click on images for full size versions}

cupcake strategy session

cupcake strategy session

The spread of cupcake ingredients was particularly impressive to this particular judge.  The lovely wife made all the cupcakes from scratch.  Fortunately, our chickens have really started to hit their egg laying stride- Jennifer made 90 cupcakes in multiple flavors, along with frosting, lemon creme, etc., etc., etc.  Here’s one of the technical advisors and the special assistant to the cupcakers surveying the supplies:

This Cupcake War had 3 rounds, with a limited amount of time for each round.  The girls kept busy, shooting for cupcake perfection:

After each round, the teams had to present their creations to the judge’s panel.  Here is Team Tastycakes describing their entry:

Team Yummy Cups:

Judges were pleased:

There was some judge/advisor consultation, but no votes were swayed:

Cupcakes were amazing.  Seriously- look at these:

Great job cupcakers!


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